PATROL - Yell County Sheriff


The Patrol Division (Uniform) is responsible for criminal & traffic patrol, checking business property, investigating accidents, and answering calls for service. They also patrol the lake areas within Yell County, and assist local and State Police whenever necessary.

Lt. Kevin Williams(Patrol Supervisor) Yell-3

Jesse Flores Yell-8

Deputy Blake Ward Yell-11, Deputy Cullen Pfeifer Yell-36

Sgt. Terry Bailey (Asst. Jail Adm.)Yell-21, Willard Carter Yell-15

J.R. Cross Yell-25, Sgt. Jimmy Pitts (Transport) Yell-12

Michael Barefield (Baliff) Yell-6, Eugene Keeling (Funeral Escorts) Yell-17

Not Pictured:
Michael Spears, John Roy