MISSING PERSONS - Yell County, Arkansas


Robert Wayne Cox, White, Male, 57 yrs old.

Robert was last seen approximately 1pm 2/19/11 near his home near Havana. He was last seen wearing a navy blue hoodie, light gray sweat pants and gray tennis shoes. He reportedly has dementia and may be disoriented. He walks with his head down and also reportedly no longer speaks aloud. If you have information about his whereabouts please contact the Yell County SO at 479-495-4881.


John R. Yates, White, Male, 5'9", Blue Eyes, Gray Hair, DOB: 8/4/20

Yates had been living in Hot Springs, Arkansas, but had returned to Yell County on a fishing trip on June 16, 2003. He was last seen in Story, Arkansas, and then in Rover, Arkansas at a convienence store where he had stopped prior to going fishing near Onyx, Arkansas.

His truck was found abandoned on June 17, 2003, on County Road #130 off State Highway 314 in Onyx, Arkansas, at a location that he was reported to have fished frequently. Yates was reported to have been very familiar with the area in which he was fishing, and would have normally left his vehicle and traveled on foot fishing in the creek and river.

An exhaustive search of the area at the time yielded few clues to Yates' whereabouts.


David Allen Lamb, White, Male, 5'9", Blue Eyes, Brown Hair, DOB: 5/19/64

Lamb was last seen in May, 1995, while mowing his yard in Plainview, Arkansas. His wife returned home late and found all the lights on, and all his personal belongings, including his wallet, checkbook and keys, still present. Their lawnmower was parked in the middle of their yard, which had only been partially mowed.

Lamb is reported to have a pacemaker and a scar from a gunshot wound he received earlier the same year.

If you have information about the location of any of the above subjects,
please contact the Yell County Sheriff's Department at either 479-495-4881 or 479-229-4175.